About Us

Founder: Kimmie Jeppson

Wife, Mother of 2 boys, philanthropist and an Actress in Hollywood!

" After I gave birth to my second baby boy, my pregnancy glow went far far away. My skin was dry, dull and  has always been incredibly sensitive because of my eczema. A lot of the scrubs on the market were either too abrasive (consisted of dead sea salt) or contained macadamia nut oil which my skin couldn't tolerate." 

She was fed up with ineffective skincare products promising much but delivering little results and comfort ( Eczema is extremely uncomfortable). After spending thousands of dollars on beauty products, dermatology appointments and prescrptions, she decided to look for a natural alternative to heal her skin. 

She asked her Aunt Jennifer what she should do to get her skin happy and healthy again, because "she has always had the most beautiful glowing skin." She gave her 3 key ingredients to make a body scrub! Out of SHEER NECESSITY and desperation, Kimmie created her very own Coffee Scrub that completely healed her of her eczema! After 4 years of experimenting and testing on friends and family, Coffee Addict Coffee Scrub™ was born!

Why Sheer Necessity Gives

We feel most alive when we're giving! Our hearts feel happy and full! We believe true beauty lies in a giving heart. We also know that our children, communities, and planet are in great need and they need us now! We are worldchangers! The mission of Sheer Necessity is to bring awareness and funding to the causes and communities who desperately need our help. All while providing our customers with the best natural ingredients in our beauty products to promote healing, nourishment and of course healthy, glowing skin!

Where Have You Seen Her?

She is currently filming the Web series Brothers In Law, which just won Best Web Content at the IFS Film Festival. She is most known for her series regular role as Shayne Thomas on HBO's The Comeback. Created and produced by Lisa Kudrow (Friends) and Michael Patrick King( Sex and the City and 2 Broke Girls). She has guest starred and recurred on shows Big Bang Theory, Days of our Lives, Private Practice and Cooper Barrett on Fox. You can find her in the TV movie Groomzilla, playing Courtney Tazwell. Available to watch on Amazon Prime. She most recently wrapped Green Beret's Guide to Surviving the apocalypse  for Netflix. Executive produced by Matt Damon and is set to be released 2019.